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50 positive steps to better health…

Start slowly; pick just one, small, attainable goal and focus on achieving it. When you master it – add a second goal and make that happen. Then, add a third…and so on. You may not achieve a new one every day, but two or three a week will have you well on your way to a healthier way of living.

Every journey begins with a single step…

  1. Eat at least two portions of vegetables every day
  2. Avoid drinks with refined sugar
  3. Cut out alcohol
  4. Drink at least 2L of water every day
  5. Drink a glass of water before every meal
  6. Cut down on caffeine intake
  7. Eat breakfast every morning
  8. Eat three meals and two small snacks every day
  9. Eat protein at every meal
  10. Keep healthy snacks on hand at home/work/in the car
  11. Stop eating my kids’ food
  12. Stop eating fast food/convenience food
  13. Eat slowly
  14. Skip seconds
  15. Stop eating off friends’ or spouse’s plates
  16. Get rid of processed foods
  17. Make food from scratch
  18. Grill, steam or bake my food instead of frying it
  19. Use coconut oil to cook with
  20. Eat less salt/high sodium foods
  21. Increase the fibre in my diet
  22. Try different veggies of varying colours and textures
  23. Eat a piece of fruit every day
  24. Try new, healthy recipes
  25. Walk/cycle to work instead of driving, when possible
  26. Walk the kids to school, when possible
  27. Get up from my desk, stretch or walk around twice every hour
  28. Take a walk during my lunch break
  29. Work out in the morning and start the day as you mean to continue
  30. Do a plank, 20 press ups and 20 squats every morning to start my day
  31. Get outdoors for my cardio
  32. Try one new exercise in the gym every week
  33. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier
  34. Sit up straight
  35. Choose standing over sitting whenever possible
  36. Take a multivitamin every day
  37. Breathe deeply
  38. Make my bed
  39. Track and measure my nutrition/ exercise
  40. Progress my workouts
  41. Set small, manageable weekly goals and write them down
  42. Act, instead of thinking about acting
  43. Stop eating automatically while watching TV or sitting at the computer
  44. Don’t apologise for being “fussy” when eating out
  45. Use food to nourish my body, not mask emotions
  46. Sit down at the table to have family meals
  47. Recognise my emotional and food triggers
  48. Seek support from family/friends/my trainer
  49. Take control of one decision every day, doesn’t always have to be a new one!
  50. Remind myself daily that nobody else can or will do it for me


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