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10 Things You Can Do To Reduce The Damage From Sitting Down All Day

10 Things You Can Do To Reduce The Damage From Sitting Down All Day

On average, people spend 9.3 hours per day sitting and this inevitably takes its toll on your overall health, strength and mobility.

The incessant sitting doesn’t just end with work hours; there’s the sitting on the commute, sitting at lunch, sitting down to dinner and sitting on the couch to unwind before bed.

Working at a desk generally means more time indoors, less time moving and too many hours sitting hunched over a keyboard and even though a sedentary lifestyle is defined by a lack of physical activity, it is regular movement that actually trumps regular exercise.

Simply Sitting Isn't Working

Partaking in some form of exercise a few times a week in an attempt to counter-balance your otherwise sedentary lifestyle is great, but unfortunately, a bit of foam rolling and resistance training will do little to negate the soft tissue stiffness, joint capsule tightness and general range of movement restrictions associated with desk jobs.The combination of more movement and environmental change is the key to lasting change.

The combination of more movement and environmental change is the key to lasting change.

Adopting the following 10 simple techniques will improve overall quality of your work environment.

The Ten Things

  • 01. Learn How To Sit Properly

    Use this workspace planner to determine the optimal set up for you.

  • 03. Constantly Vary Your Position Throughout The Day

    Be it in sitting or standing, the problem is not necessarily one particular position, but maintaining a static position full stop. Shift your weight around, change your stance, and stretch your legs.

  • 04. Use The Pomodoro Technique

    Work, then move, work, then move. Improve your focus and your productivity by working to a 25 minutes on, five minutes off format. Every 25 minutes, stand up, stretch, walk around, breathe deeply for five minutes and then get back to the task at hand. Use your watch, phone, or an app if necessary.

  • 05. Make The Most Of Your Breaks

    No need to overthink this one, just use the time to re-energise yourself and move your body. Again, stand up, stretch, walk around and breathe deeply.

  • 06. Get Your Co-Workers Involved

    If you feel awkward stretching alone in a corner of the office, encourage others to do the same. Set up a lunchtime yoga class, set some office challenges or just head out for a walk together at lunch.

  • 07. Give Your Eyes A Break

    Make sure to peel your eyes away from the screen throughout the day. Squinting at a monitor for hours on end will not only wreak havoc on the muscles in your neck and shoulders, it’s also bad news for your eyes.

  • 08. Take Your Work Outside

    Irish weather permitting of course.

  • 09. Suggest Walking Meetings & Calls

    Stimulate the mind and body by taking the opportunity to walk and talk. Get outdoors and increase your alertness and creativity.

  • 10. It’s Not Just Physical…

    Stress is a massive contributor to poor health; headaches, muscles tension, fatigue etc. Take time each day to prioritise your mental health. Breathing techniques, walking meditations and body scans can all be implemented on a daily basis. If you’re a novice, try downloading the Headspace App for a guided daily meditation.

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