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A good personal trainer knows about training and how it can improve your quality of life but a great personal trainer is able to use that knowledge in a practical way to help people achieve their specific goals. Everyone has different reasons for hiring a trainer and understanding these unique needs and working alongside your clients to achieve their goals is what really matters.  Training works best when it’s personal and personalised and that’s why I set up this studio.

Getting Here - Physiotherapy, Pilates & Personal Training

I originally began studying to be a Physiotherapist in UCD. I loved the anatomy and physiology, strength and conditioning and athletic therapy modules, but I had a pretty good idea from early on that I didn’t want to work in a clinic or hospital. At the time I was obsessed with training, so at the start of second year I qualified as a personal trainer and began freelancing to help pay my way through college. By the time I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist, the side thing that was supposed to provide me with some pocket money had become my passion and career. Though I do not practice hands-on anymore, physiotherapy remains key to my work; it taught me the value of understanding fitness, health and well being from multiple perspectives and that has driven my practice and methodology. I believe in the importance of continuous education and stay committed to seeking out evidence-based, progressive and results-orientated training methodologies and continuously feed this back into my practice.


  • REPS Level 4 Personal Trainer
  • Chartered Physiotherapist
  • STOTT Pilates Qualified Instructor

My Training Philosophy - Simple Movement

From a training point of view; I love good programming, good form and the ability to progress and regress exercises to suit the client. I love movement in many different forms but I don’t teach anything fancy and prioritise mobility and strength work. I really believe that the basics done well will get you a long way towards reaching your goals and there are not many things that bring me greater satisfaction than clients that are consistent, patient and turn up willing to work hard.

My Personal Philosophy - Simplicity

Personally, I want to be fit, strong, flexible in body and mind and most importantly, happy. I’ve battled with my body plenty through the years (considering I came into the world at 11lbs, realistically skinny was never on the cards for me!), but having a healthy body, healthy mind and finding balance is now the priority.


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