A little bit about me...

Hey…I’m Sarah and I’m a personal trainer, Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor from Dublin.

I love a lot of things but mostly I love coffee, any eggs and avocado combination, living beside the sea, being outdoors, art, my family, early mornings, cold weather, a healthy dose of trash TV, training and did I mention coffee…?

I took the scenic route to college by way of an art portfolio course, a year of travelling with my trusty companion Jessie, a year of Art History and French in Trinity, followed by a botched CAO and a miserable year working in a restaurant to afford my first year fees for Physiotherapy! I really loved studying Physio. I loved the anatomy and physiology, strength and conditioning and athletic therapy modules, but I knew all along I never wanted to work in a clinic or hospital. At that time I was obsessed with training and qualified as a PT in my second year and happily freelanced my way through college. Four years on from graduating from UCD and here I am! I love my career and am lucky enough to have clients with varying goals that keep me on my toes, keep me up-skilling and drawing on my Physiotherapy skills and training knowledge gained in the last 10 years.

Personally, I want to be fit, strong, flexible in body and mind and most importantly, happy. I’ve battled with my body plenty through the years (considering I came into the world at 11lbs, realistically skinny was never on the cards for me!), but having a healthy body and healthy mind is now the priority. I can pull up, push up, squat, deadlift, lunge and press but I can also climb mountains, wake up and run 10km and most importantly, I can allow myself to chill out and spend quality time with my nearest and dearest.

From a training point of view; I love intelligent programming, good form and the ability to progress and regress exercises to suit the client. I love movement in many different forms but I don’t teach anything fancy and prioritise mobility and strength work.  I really believe that the basics done well will get you a long way towards reaching your goals and there are not many things that bring me greater satisfaction than clients that are consistent, patient and turn up willing to work hard.