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Sarah Cremin, Personal Trainer & CEO of

I originally began studying to be a Physiotherapist in UCD. I loved the anatomy and physiology, strength and conditioning and athletic therapy modules, but I had a pretty good idea from early on that I didn’t want to work in a clinic or hospital. At the time I was obsessed with training, so at the start of second year I qualified as a personal trainer and began freelancing to help pay my way through college. By the time I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist, the side thing that was supposed to provide me with some pocket money had become my passion and career. Though I do not practice hands-on anymore, physiotherapy remains key to my work; it taught me the value of understanding fitness, health and well being from multiple perspectives and that has driven my practice and methodology. I believe in the importance of continuous education and stay committed to seeking out evidence-based, progressive and results-orientated training methodologies and continuously feed this back into my practice.

“With a Bachelors Degree in Sports Science and Health from IT Tallaght. I now have over four years experience in personal training.  More recently, I have set my focus on training people in a small group setting as I have seen the benefits to be two fold. When  given the opportunity to take over and put my own stamp on what is now Square One Group Training I was really excited. Fast forward to today, we are continuously working really hard to put together a premium service that goes far beyond just the training sessions. With systems in place which allow us to manage groups of people with different training goals while still getting the personal touch you need on an individual basis. Coaching the groups is fun and engaging. With our system, everyone comes in knowing what they’re working towards and what they have to do in each session.  I see lots of progress and people getting stronger from session to session. When new members join, it’s great to see how well received they are by those already in the groups. You’ll really look forward to training when you’re training with such a good bunch. I am excited for what the future of square1training. 

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