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Our Approach - 5 Steps to Success

We provide:

  • One to One training sessions
  • Training for small groups with a shared training goal

This takes place at our fully equipped, private studio in Dublin 4 which is kitted out with top quality free weight and functional training equipment. Though there are differences between the types of training we offer, they all share a common approach and methodology that is:

  • Informed by our formal qualifications in physiotherapy, personal training and Pilates
  • Driven by our ongoing interest in best practices in health, fitness and well being and how they can be harnessed to improve personal training
  • Moulded by many years experience of training people with very different requirements and abilities but a shared desire to improve their health, fitness and quality of life

Together, these have helped us craft a 5-step approach that is evidence-based, progressive and results-driven. Anyone who trains with us goes through the same process.

The Five Steps

  • Pre-Assessment

    Before we begin working with any client, we always conduct a pre-assessment. Typically, this covers:

    • Your goals and objectives
    • Previous training experience (if any)
    • Relevant medical, health or lifestyles issues that need to be considered
    • What you require from us

    Based on this, we formulate and agree a training plan with you.

  • Personalised Training Plan

    Each training plan is unique but they usually share a number of common elements. They provide:

    • A detailed breakdown of the tasks to be completed
    • The training schedule that needs to be followed
    • A formal statement of our commitment to you
    • Additional agreed activities

    We actively promote a balanced approach to health and fitness. Frequently, we will include nutritional guidance and lifestyle management activities in our plans to encourage sustainable, long-term change to how our clients live their lives.  We will talk you through the plan and provide a copy of it on the personal training app we give all clients. 

  • Personal Training

    We believe in structured training sessions. While we obviously focus on completing the agreed plan, we place particular emphasis on analysing how you train. The goal is always to do things right.

  • Mentoring & Support

    Mentoring and support are a key part of any training session, but experience teaches us it needs to extend beyond individual sessions. Our personal training app is there to help you follow your programme but it should also used to train effectively between sessions or while travelling. Building relationships with our clients is really important to us, so we place a particular emphasis on support. You need to know we are there for you if you want to maximise the chances of achieving your goals.

  • Post-Assessment & Recommendations

    Personal training is a process, not just an activity. We like to undertake a review at the end of every programme to identify what worked for our clients and to suggest training activities they should consider if they want to build on their success. The more you succeed and see the changes in your fitness, health and lifestyle the more reason there is to continue training.

Training Options

One on One

Each client has exclusive access to their personal trainer during one on one sessions. Particular emphasis is placed on analysing how you train, so that you can achieve optimal performance and extract maximum benefit from your time in the gym.

One on one sessions are particularly suited to people who:

  • Are new to personal training and want to progress in a supportive, private space
  • Have very specific training needs – e.g. recovering from injury, dealing with health issues, etc.
  • Require specialist training supervision
  • Are interested in accelerating their strength and fitness
  • Are under time pressures due to work or other commitments
Private Groups

Small Groups

We are particularly proud of the support we provide to our clients but sometimes the most effective motivation to train comes from working with friends, colleagues or peers.
We run semi-private sessions for no more than 4 people, who often have a shared training goal. Typically, these are people who’ve either trained together before or want to achieve something with each other. 
We adopt the same training philosophy and methodology as we do for our one on one sessions. This format is particularly suited to people who:

  • Have some prior experience in training
  • Share a common goal
  • Find a group environment motivating
  • Want a more cost-effective way to train consistently 

Want to Know More?

Whatever your starting point, regardless of your current fitness, injury, age or experience, you can make meaningful improvements to your health, fitness and wellbeing. Please get in touch if you want to know more about what we can do for you or to arrange an initial consultation.

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