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Square One Group Training

Training should be a fun and enjoyable part of your week. It shouldn’t feel like a chore and it shouldn’t leave your pockets empty. It’s hard to stay consistent and know what to do half the time. Ideally, you should exercise regularly, push yourself towards a goal and enjoy your training in a fun and friendly environment where community is key (and not have to pay an arm and a leg to do so!) Here at Square One Group Training we offer Small Group Training as a monthly membership package. Sessions are one hour long with no more than 4 people in one session at a time.

What to expect

Session to session you’ll be adhering to a periodised 4 week program with specific modifications based on your training capabilities and goals. You’ll also get access to a free Conditioning session on Saturday mornings. This session changes and has more of a cardiovascular system focus. So you’ll get a good sweat and have a bit more craic with everyone in the Small Groups.

As part of the service we include a Movement Assessment, Goal Setting Consultation, A Training & Nutrition Guide along with an optional Weekly Check-In with a coach.

All together this makes for a more cost effective training experience while still getting a very high quality service. Similar to Personal Training, we focus on improving your strength and exercise technique to make you more autonomous at training on your own.

You’ll soon see progress in a fun and friendly environment, motivated by others, while you strive towards your own health and fitness goals.


6am 7am 9:30am 10:30am 6pm 7pm 8pm


6am 7am 9:30am 10:30am 6pm 7pm 8pm


6am 7am


8am (Conditioning) 9am (Conditioning)

Key Features

  • In person coaching ensuring correct and safe exercise technique

  • Cost-effective in comparison to private personal training

  • Access to a progressive 4 week exercise program; with specific modifications for your ability and training goals

  • Train in a fun and friendly environment. Meet new people or join with a friend and train with them too.

  • Focus on your specific goals while we aid you every step of the way.

  • Access to our free Conditioning classes on the weekend.

  • A Movement Assessment that helps us gauge any limitations you might present and gives you a more tailored service while limiting your risk of injury.

  • A Goal Setting Consultation so you start with all the information you need to hit the ground running.

  • You get access to our Training & Nutrition Guide that covers everything you’ll need to know about training for your specific needs and how you should be approaching your nutrition.

  • A flexible timetable with a booking app that makes scheduling super easy.

  • Weekly Check-Ins with a coach as an optional extra to help you with anything that comes up during the week.

    Meet the Team

    Ronan Lewins, Group Trainer

    instagram: Ronan Lewins

    “With a Bachelors Degree in Sports Science and Health from IT Tallaght. I now have over four years experience in personal training.  More recently, I have set my focus on training people in a small group setting as I have seen the benefits to be two fold.

    When  given the opportunity to take over and put my own stamp on what is now Square One Group Training I was really excited. Fast forward to today, we are continuously working really hard to put together a premium service that goes far beyond just the training sessions.

    With systems in place which allow us to manage groups of people with different training goals while still getting the personal touch you need on an individual basis. Coaching the groups is fun and engaging. With our system, everyone comes in knowing what they’re working towards and what they have to do in each session.

      I see lots of progress and people getting stronger from session to session. When new members join, it’s great to see how well received they are by those already in the groups.

    You’ll really look forward to training when you’re training with such a good bunch. I am excited for what the future of square1training.


2 x Small Group sessions a week for 4 weeks
€200 per month

3 x Small Group sessions a week for 4 weeks
€300 per month

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