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Being a Qualified Physiotherapist Is Really Important

Finding Myself Again

“In 2008 I had a serious car accident which led to me being unable to walk more than a few steps for about 2 years and having 2 major back surgeries and the subsequent recovery meant that I put on about 4 stone in weight. Not only did I have to give up my work as a solicitor, but my self-esteem was at an all-time low, and I was lucky to get through the next few years.

When I set out, I wanted to lose the 4 stone that I had put on and return to my pre-accident weight so that I could start my life again. Sarah’s expertise as both a trainer and a physio has been invaluable in supporting me to become fitter and stronger and lose weight within the parameters of my physical limitations.

In the last 4.5 months, I have lost 3.5 stone and 36 inches overall! Including over 10 inches off my hips and over 6 inches off each thigh! I do my PT with Sarah twice a week, some training on my own in the gym every day and I have even started to take classes which I used to find very intimidating.

The difference in my life now is incredible. Every day was a struggle and I felt that I was missing out on so much because of how the extra weight made me feel and look. Sarah’s knowledge, experience and structured approach has been key to getting me to where I am today, to say I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a trainer would be a massive understatement!”
Claire Doherty

The Right Approach

“I first started training with Sarah over 4 years ago. Sarah is by far the best personal trainer I’ve ever been to. She knows exactly what the right exercises are for me and she is able to motivate and encourage me in a positive, supportive way. Her kindness is a far cry from the military style trainers which I’ve encountered in the past!
She is also a fully trained physio, I’ve always felt in safe hands. If I ever have even the slightest niggle she adapts the session immediately to accommodate. I highly recommend Sarah as a personal trainer. I’ve tried a few and she really is the best!”

Sarah Cunningham

Rebuilding My Strength

““I underwent a hip arthroscopy in 2012 and despite a year of physio and physical therapy struggled to re-build strength after my operation.

When I first saw Sarah, my ultimate aim of getting back to running seemed nothing short of a pipe dream.

Six months later I am back, I am strong and I am running better than ever! Sarah’s approach is targeted, progressive and very supportive. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”

Ruth Gill

Its More Than Just Personal Training

A New Lifestyle Regime

“Sarah has worked tirelessly to provide me with a wholesome training regime, encompassing diet, physical training and general lifestyle aspects. She is supportive yet demanding and helped me stay on track when at times giving up seemed like the easiest option. She is both passionate and supportive and shows a genuine interest in my progress and wellbeing.

The end result for me is that I’ve shed 24 lbs, lost 7.5 inches from my waist, increased my strength, I move pain-free and gained lean muscle. Best of all, my body fat has gone from 26% to 12%! I have quit smoking and my fitness levels are beyond what I thought possible.

I cannot recommend her highly enough, and she has helped me build and maintain a more wholesome lifestyle.”

Graham Mulhearne

Testing My Limits

“I struggled with my weight for most of my adult life and at the age of 50 found myself needing to lose a lot of weight quickly for medical reasons. Previous attempts at establishing a gym routine came to nothing due to recurring back problems.

Sarah very effectively turned that around for me. She combined her physiotherapy and personal training skills to devise exercise programmes that simultaneously raised my fitness levels and improved my core strength, protecting my back. Routines are changed very regularly, never becoming boring, always pushing my limits, but always with help and advice on technique to avoid potential damage. The training is combined with ongoing nutritional advice and encouragement.

Sarah helped me to change my lifestyle in a sustainable way and to lose over 20kgs in the last year. I now train five times a week and look forward to all sessions in the gym but particularly to higher intensity sessions with Sarah. She pushes me well beyond where self-motivation could.”
Aidan Darmody

We're Always There For You

“From a crocked 50 something year old who had never been in a gym up to 2 years ago, Sarah has managed to be encouraging despite my delinquent lack of regular attendance and am getting there enjoyably and without any injuries which had previously dogged all previous attempts at getting fit…many thanks Sarah!”

Elisabeth van den Berghe

Building Strength & Mobility

“Sarah is, without doubt, the best personal trainer I’ve ever had. Coming back to fitness after a few injuries and years of couch surfing, I needed help with mobility as much as strength and cardio. Sarah GOT this, developing a fun program that met my needs and pushed me to go further.

Sarah also has an infectious enthusiasm for the science behind health and fitness. You can learn a lot of fascinating stuff in breathers between reps, and she applies her expertise to ensure you are building your mobility and strength without aggravating old injuries.

I can now chase my son without worrying my knee will cave in; I can lift him into bed when he crashes in our room; and I’ve added 15 metres to my golf swing! Thanks Sarah!”

Eamonn Toland

Professional & Dedicated

“I was very pessimistic about personal training until I tried it with Sarah. Even though I knew quite a bit about diet and training I saw the benefits instantly.

Professional, dedicated to her clients and makes the gym enjoyable (never thought I’d put those 2 words together) also available to answer your questions on text which to me is very important and has helped me to stay focused, made me dedicated and now I have achieved my goal.

She knew when things needed to be tweaked to suit me specifically and has made me push my boundaries.

She defines the word ‘personal’ training!”

Karen Harman

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